Darkness Bleeds too


Who are you…?

Why can you shine so intensely…? —

Are you here for me..? —

I was lost and desperate; so far this world held nothing but threats and uncertainties.

While I wandered through this abandoned site,  I stumbled across an unusual petite flying creature. I had never seen anything like it before; it was filled with an intense glow. I could feel its warmth as it moved throughout the ruins. When I reached my hand to hold it, its luminosity filled my body, for a moment I felt like this world was not filled with terror. This reaction lasted barely a second, and the creature rapidly flew away out of my sight. However, this was just enough to bring me hope.

I will continue my journey now.

Sometimes we only need to find one shaft of light to keep us moving forward. No matter how dark our day seems, I just have to remember

Darkness bleeds too.

illustration of a white glowing human in an abandoned site



In the year 1988, European scientists were able to bring to life an ancient animal which was only believed to exist in tales and legends. Not so long after his conception, this creature took over the facility, claiming it as his own terrain. He possessed an aggressive behavior and wiped out all the scientists and with them all evidence of his existence. As a consequence, military forces approached the location. However, when they arrived they were unable to find a trace of such creature. For a few years, the army established an outpost to monitor the activity in the site which eventually was abandoned. The government declared this area out of reach for all citizens. 30 Years have passed and many adventurers still try all kinds of methods to get inside the restricted area. Some of them even claiming to have seen a full-grown dragon flying around.
two kids walking into a forbidden zone
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